Through all the busy business life that Luke Creates via his entrepreneurship, the Musician still finds cracks of time for inspiration to create music. The singer song writer lives in his jams of music and huge fulfillment producing music with his good friends Andy Vargas who has been a vocalist of Santa since 2000 and Vision who is one of LA’s up and coming EDM producers.

In addition to being a prolific event producer, Luke Wryder is a talented lyricist and musician. His love and passion for music stemmed at an early age in his life. Yet, his music career blooms during the pinnacle of his success. The artist with a business mind chose a less traveled path by creating his own promotional company, California Nightlife first. The Entrepreneur developed his event business into one of the largest holiday event companies in the United States in less than 5 years under the national umbrella

Now, Luke enjoys DJing at his yacht parties and holiday club events. His style combines mixes of traditional pop, hip-hop and rock sounds into those funky electronic beats and tones similar to his house influences like Eric Prydz, Deep Dish, LA Riots, Borgeous, and Otto Knows. The rock-star-at-heart infuses the familiar anthems of 70s – 90s into an incredible up-tempo house set for everyone to dance, sing out loud, and celebrate life together.

The Producer/DJ looks forward to keep performing at his events and top venues and festivals around the world for his ever growing fan base in all major cities. Simply, music eternally rewards him and completes his driven spirit. Music encompasses his will to succeed and soundtracks all aspects of his life: artistry, personal, professional, and spiritual life.