Luke William Wryder is a Newton, Iowa born entrepreneur. The North American Nightlife Business Magnate hails in Los Angeles, California, found success as an online marketing strategist, & one of the largest Holiday event producers in United States & Canada.

The CEO is owner, founder, & operator of over 200 active websites including;,,, & (See More link to business profile)

Luke’s Goal is to create the official guides for Nightlife throughout the world. Finding opportunity for Nightlife Businesses to connect with tourists and locals alike that provide the party atmosphere that they would enjoy whether it’s a rooftop with a view, a speakeasy lounge, a yacht party or a pool party in Vegas; The party planner hopes to spread the fun so everyone has a chance to enjoy and celebrate this beautiful life.


Early Life

Luke grew up in a town of 15,000 people called Newton, Iowa which was heavily influenced by Maytag.  The youngest of four Sons, and youngest to Gene & Gail, Luke never had issues with being outspoken or creating his own path. One of his favorite memories is singing the Oakridge Boys, “Elvira” out of the vacuum cleaner handle pretending it’s a microphone.

After his parents divorced at age 11; Luke pretty much created his own way. It gave him lot of his untamed strength to lead his peers. He was responsible for throwing multiple parties and organizing events in High School and soon later in College.


Little did Luke know, he was making his own way to California shortly after graduating from Central College located in Pella, IA. He finished his degree w/ a major in Communication & a minor in English w/ an emphasis in writing. In May of 2000, he packed a U-Haul and moved to Burbank, California to pursue his dreams.


The young writer left for Los Angeles where he sought after a career in film screen writing, acting, and modeling. In process as a starving artist, he began a career in nightlife as a promoter in Beverly Hills, California in 2001.

In 2005, he started is 1st .com site and company,,,, and The company struggled to make money promiting Indie Bands and relying on MySpace to build an audience. But in 2006, they threw his biggest party to date, It was New Year’s Eve party at West Hollywood’s Infamous Republik Nightclub.

After that year, Luke decided to go to work for the ticketing company that helped sell a lot of his tickets, Track Entertainment owners of:, & After a year of hard work, consulting, and record sale, Luke became the Director of Sales.

In 2010, Luke left Track Entertainment because the company to start his own Company, and it is now largest Holiday Event Producer in North America and it is the official nightlife guide in over 12 U.S. & Canada Markets thanks to the recent merger & acquisition of

Now, Luke enjoys growing his company with his team and wife, Desire. He has always had a big passion for music since childhood, to promoting Indie Band, and now one of his favorite things to do is DJing at his events, especially his yacht parties and W Hollywood rooftop events.